Our Halloween Weekend

This is the first year Lara went trick or treating with her friends and by Wednesday last week it was becoming a little difficult to contain her excitement about Friday. She was asking/confirming with me every five minutes that our plans for Friday were still on, despite the fact that we were all kind of struggling with colds and exhaustion for the entire week. She also took a few hour art class every day and did theater so by the time Halloween rolled around she was in full drama mode and ready to step into her role as Elsa. Lev and I took advantage while Lara was in her class and we explored Montpellier a little more. I’m a little embarrassed about how little of it I’ve actually seen over the past almost five years so these classes downtown have really been great for all of us. We also saw the Claude Viallat exhibition at the museum, which was so beautiful and colorful. Lara and I loved it, Lev slept through it, everyone was happy.




And then Friday evening finally came and we, along with Lara’s friends, went trick or treating in one of the neighborhoods. I’m a little upset I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of Lara in action but by the time I loaded our stuff (read: stroller and such) out of the car, their trick or treating group was well on its way knocking on doors, dads in tow. She came back with a mix of disbelief, excitement and pure joy all over her face, telling me she’s gotten thousands upon thousands of sweets. I was sort of expecting a sugar coma that night but just to see how happy she was about the whole event made me even happier. That night, after she finally got into bed waaaaay past her bedtime and complaining of a tummy ache (duhh, the kid’s not used to eating that much candy!), she told me Halloween was her favorite holiday ever. Even more so than Christmas, I asked? Even more than Christmas, she answered. Gosh I just love her so much!



I didn’t dress Lev up this year yet and I have to admit that parties featuring five or more children are still not his favorite thing but I have a feeling he was a trooper for his sister’s sake. And then on Sunday, after Vid finally came home after 10 looooong days we built a little cardboard house for Lara’s magic clip princesses (anyone else has a little girl obsessed with these?). It was kind of spontaneous so we didn’t really have any materials aside from the shoe box so we really had to improvise. But I’m happy we finally got to use some of the little objects Lara has been so intent on collecting, such water bottle caps, little boxes, wooden beads etc. It’s no Disney chateau but we did it together and she loved it so I’m giving myself a tap on the back for that one.


Hope everyone had a great Halloween and a great weekend!

P.S. I also learned that a cat costume is THE costume of choice for moms and the “undecided”. So, so original.

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