Taking Stock (December Edition)


I know I’ve been saying this over and over but I promise life is getting to me big time. The blog refresh that I talked about here is taking a little longer than expected (but it’s coming along – so good news!) and time is just going, going, going. We’ve got a million things going on and the holidays are coming up and truthfully I’m just looking forward to going home to Slovenia for a few days and recharge. We haven’t been home since Lara’s birthday in April and some of our family members have yet to meet baby Lev.

I’ll try not to be too whiny and keep this post positive so I’ve decided to partake in the Taking Stock exercise. Since today is December 1st, I figured it was a great way to take a look at where I am currently and what we’ve been up to, but in a slightly different way.

Gift guides will also be up this week. And I’m hoping that despite the fact that we haven’t been posting regularly you might find some great ideas for your loved ones in there!

Making : Memories. The past few months haven’t been the most productive in a traditional sense but I’ve been most efficient in making family memories I’ll cherish forever.
Cooking : Apple tarts. At least twice a week. God help us.
Drinking : Tons of decaf coffee. I’m trying to avoid caffeine just in case it might help the little guy sleep better. It’s not really working but I’m nothing if not persistent.
Reading: A variety of different books. Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl, Siblings Without Rivalry, and I’ve got a few romance novels in there too.
Wanting: Bangs. Despite my better judgement.
Looking: Probably tired.
Playing: With Disney Princess dolls. Actually playing with all kinds of princess like figurines.
Deciding: On going back to school…
Wishing: For a peaceful trip back home. First time traveling with two little ones. Airports and planes, please go easy on us.
Waiting: For this dreary rain to stop.
Liking: The Christmas spirit in Montpellier.
Loving: My family.
Pondering: Where the time goes…
Watching: Lev learn and master new things every day.
Marvelling: At how I can be in bed at 9 PM like a child and fall asleep immediately.
Needing: More hours in a day.
Smelling: Baby. Oh I dread the day that baby smell goes away.
Wearing: My hair up ALL THE TIME because someone pulls on it constantly.
Noticing: How big Lara is getting. These days it’s all about playing with friends, boys from school (again, God help us), and asserting more and more independence.
Thinking: I should probably get started on lunch. And shower 🙂
Admiring: Lara. For taking on her big sister role so wonderfully it actually made me cry the other day.
Buying: Christmas presents.
Getting: Excited for the upcoming holidays.
Bookmarking: Tons of things for blog posts, Christmas gifts, recipes…
Disliking: The fact that my other half will be away for an entire month come January.
Giggling: A lot.
Feeling: Happy but tired!

Happy December everyone!

xoxo Masha

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