Sunday Downtime: My week in 5

As we continue to be incredibly cold here (I checked and this weather is not normal) I’ve had no other choice but to stock up on warm and cozy sweaters, drink tea and continue to huddle up indoors with exceptional outings to the store, the zoo, and obviously to work. Then, Sunday morning I was hit up with the news of Whitney Houston’s passing and our day ended on a sadder note. My daughter and I listened to her music and I found myself going constantly back in time to when I was a little girl listening to one of the few true divas. I really hope she now found the peace she deserved and I can say with all certainty that she will always be loved and missed.

New obsession: Higher Living Chamomile & Vanilla Tea. I actually got a few boxes of this before Christmas and it’s honestly the best cold weather drink. It doesn’t need any sweetening because the vanilla already takes care of that but I have been making ours with honey and even my daughter loves it (and she is by no means a tea drinker). And, and there have been no studies to support this other than my own impression, but I think my skin is clearer if I drink it regularly.

Favorite look:  I have been taking full advantage of the last few days of winter sales by hooking myself up with a sweater from one of my favorite brands: American Vintage. I’ve discovered it after moving to France and honestly it was worth it just for that. You’ll be able to read more about their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection in the upcoming week but you can also check out their website in the meantime. They do some really cool videos and shoots…(Oh, and their sale prices have just been lowered even more so hurry!)

Music: Obviously it’s all about Whitney Houston. I put on her Greatest Hits album, just confirming every single song on there is GREAT but I also listened to some of the songs I adored when I bought my first Whitney Houston CD, “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (my parents got me Whitney and the Bodyguard soundtrack and I will be forever grateful). I loved “My Name is Not Susan” and “All the Man I Need” from I’m Your Baby Tonight, and today I realized I still know every single lyric.

Favorite read: Stumbled upon Ayalet Waldman’s “Bad Mother” and swallowed it like it was a La Durée macaroon. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten my hands on it before but I would highly recommend it to all mothers (for sure) and basically all women. You may identify with some things or you may not but it’s a great read nonetheless. I’ll talk some more about it in this week’s book club column.

Favorite links: This video of Jennifer Hudson performing “I will always love you” in honor of Whitney Houston at the Grammy’s. Goose bumps and tears alert. Also, Adele’s “Rolling in the deep” performance. Simply amazing.

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