Some News…

I’m one of those people that can on occasion (read: most of the time) bounce in a million different directions. I have notepads filled with ideas, topics, things to-do etc. And I want to give each of these things 150% if I decide to do them. And since it’s always been my plan to have this blog of mine to grow and expand, that’s exactly what I’ve been working and brainstorming on lately.

With the expansion of my little family and the fact that my daily lifestyle has evolved into something different over the course of the last three years, it’s only natural that my little virtual home would evolve and expand as well. Priorities, interests and aspirations evolve and it’s only right that they do. That is why I am committed to making this blog a place that will reflect exactly that.

In this sense I’m happy to announce that we will be working on restructuring Style Lemon (along with a few minor design changes) over the next couple of weeks in order for it to better represent this natural evolution. I’m also super excited to welcome my best friend Leja on board. She will add a breath of fresh air to the blog and bring her own voice to the wide range of topics we’re planning on focusing on in the future: motherhood & kids, lifestyle, health, relationships, and last but not least, style.

Thank you for reading Style Lemon for the last (almost) three years and I hope that you will be just excited about this new adventure as we are.



P.S Leja will be “stopping by” soon with a little introductory post of her own. Until then you can already read a little bit about her over here.

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