Short Winter Days


Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We had such a great day yesterday, Vid was home all morning so we had breakfast together and then he took Lara to her judo class. She was very happy because for once she was not there late haha (sorry kid, just not my strong suit but we’re working on it!). We’re usually so rushed on Saturday mornings because we’re feeling all the laziness of the weekend and then suddenly her judo class just sneaks up on us.

By the time she was done there wasn’t much time left before we had to go home for lunch and Vid still had to pack for his trip so we just went to the park for a little bit to get some fresh air. We scooted around for a bit and collected some pinecones for a possible DIY later but we didn’t even make it to the park playground as Lev was really tired at this point. W’ve all been up since 6 AM and so when he fell asleep in the car back home it was obviously very needed. I have no idea what prompted the early morning wake up call but I really hope it doesn’t become standard. Once you get back to sleeping until 7 AM, anything sooner just feels wrong!




Also, let’s talk short winter days. I sometimes feel so pressured to cram a thousand outdoor activities into our morning during the winter because the days are so short and Lev still naps, so by the time he wakes up, it’s almost dark out already and we’re stuck inside for the rest of the day. And, it totally confuses me in terms of bedtime too. Once 5.30 PM rolls around, it feels like 9 PM to me. It’s not even that the kids should already be sleeping, I should be sleeping haha.

Anyone else feeling like this? I like winter to a certain point and am excited about the holidays and the snow but the short days definitely aren’t my favorite.

Yesterday was OK though because we had a fun playdate planned in the afternoon so we made chocolate chip cookies (which my PMS welcomed with open arms) and of course Lev requested tea haha. That kid and tea, I swear he’s got a British soul.






We’ve got another gorgeous December day today so we’re heading outside for a little and then we’ll watch Vid’s match at a friend’s house in the afternoon. Hopefully they’ll win and finish the year strong.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  • Sarah

    Short winter days aren’t m’y favorite either. …
    May I ask which camera you use? Your pictures are beautiful!!

    • StyleLemon

      Hi Sarah!

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. We use a Canon 5D Mark II. Some of these were shot with a 50mm lens and some with the 24-70mm (I highly recommend this one because it’s super versatile and probably the one we use the most). Hope this helps 🙂 Mash