School’s Out

This week was so much fun! Lara is on holidays from school so we’ve been enjoying spending some quality time together. When Lara is off from school and we stay in France I usually still leave Lev in daycare for the first week so I can catch up on some solo time with Lara and then I have them both at home with me for week two. This has worked really well for us because Lara’s schedule is pretty packed and she’s in that stage now when she’s really into spending time with her little friends so even when she’s home she usually asks to have someone over.

So, I really wanted to take this week and just have her spend time with me and Vid. Vid’s knee surgery is next week so then next month or so will probably be a little tough on us logistics wise and he’ll have to focus on getting his knee healthy again so I wanted the kids to have a chance to spend some time with him too. We’ve moved furniture around like a bunch of crazies to invite some change and maximize our space, played a ton of board games, on Thursday we went to the beach, we had a crepe party and a cookie party (twice!), and yesterday Vid and I took Lara to see the ATP tournament here in Montpellier. I’ve been taking every possible chance I get to watch tennis live lately so it’s been something I really looked forward too and since Lara is a little tennis fan herself it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Also waffles 🙂






We also did some arts and crafts throughout the week. Actually, Lara did a Pandacraft completely by herself while I did some work and it came out fantastic. It was a little circus craft that plays with shadows and it turned out so cute, we did a little show after our crepe party on Sunday. Lev wanted to participate as well and he was in charge of the lighting (aka flashlight). It was so adorable and I was so proud because there were a couple of elements such as figuring out the stand etc. that was supposed to be the parents’ job but Lari figured out all on her own. #proudmama





We’ve really loved using Pandacraft for a few years now and are actually a little behind on the crafts so I had to stop our subscription for a couple of months while we catch up. But it’s a service we’ve really enjoyed using and it’s a really cool way for kids to get into crafts. I picked up a few other craft materials for a few projects for next week when I have both kids at home and my husband patient recovering and hopefully I’ll be able to share those with you.

I’ve actually gone a little crazy on Amazon lately. I don’t know this whole Amazon Prime thing just gets me sometime haha. Especially when it comes to books, yikes!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful week…

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