Running Update

Just wanted to give you guys a little insight into how my running challenge (or whatever you want to call it) is progressing. The truth is, I’m progressing but it’s been very hard. I should probably mention that starting to run September 4th for a half marathon on October 30th isn’t a lot of time and probably (OK, definitely) not the smartest way to properly prepare a half marathon. Just wanted to throw that out there just so you know I’m fully aware of the stupidity of this.

Yet, I’m doing it. Struggling but doing it. Last week was really hard because I wasn’t really feeling well, I caught a pretty nasty cold and just didn’t feel like doing any longer distance runs. I went out 3 times nonetheless and tried getting through two interval trainings. I barely made it.


This week didn’t start any better and the first time I actually went out was this morning for a 10KM. My goal was to run it in an hour, which I did. That’s actually a really, really good time for me since last year I couldn’t get it under 66 minutes. I’m not the fastest and gaining speed is something I’ve really struggled with in all my runs.


I’m going to go and blame that on inconsistency because ever since I’ve picked up regular running AND incorporated intervals, I’ve obviously gained a full 6 minutes.

I signed up for a 10KM on October 16th in Montpellier. Vid says I can run it in 55 minutes. I’m not so sure but I’ll definitely try. I think the route is flatter than what I usually run so maybe I can make it happen. We will see.

I haven’t set up a goal for the half-marathon yet; right now I’m kind of just seeing how I feel going into it and hopefully I’ll figure out a realistic goal I can strive for.

So, a few things I’m feeling so far:

  • Been running for 4 weeks and it’s still not easy getting out there. I really, really have to push myself every single time.
  • I need new running shoes so, so badly!
  • Intervals really do help with speed. Vid has sort of been helping me out with these and all the running coaches told me it’s the only thing that will make me faster so… They’re probably right 🙂
  • Working out with a cold is terrible. Terrible. UGH!
  • Right now, I’m feeling so sore.

OK, that’s that. Vid says he will go with me tomorrow and help me do an interval training. We’ll see if it happens, he’s got a match tonight so keep your fingers crossed. For him, not me! For me and my running, an actual prayer is neccesary haha.

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