Reasons behind the Style Lemon M.I.A status

Hi everyone, before I delve into all the cute finds I have for you this week a little explanation is in order as to why I’ve suddenly gone M.I.A for 6 days. The reasons are less than flattering and mostly have to do with a trip Lara and I took back to Slovenia last Thursday and me getting a bit of an eye infection going on (I suspect due to the AC on the plane) and some pretty intense fatigue, which basically just left me in and out of bed and dragging myself around my mother’s house for a few days. So, sorry about that, hope you forgive me. My eyes are sort of back to normal now (well, at least the swelling is gone) and they still look a bit small and itchy but a girl can only be without internet for so long.

Doesn’t mean I’ve been totally out of the loop though and I’ve managed to catch up on some reading while in bed and I also scouted a few things I wanted to share with you so make sure to check back as Style Lemon is officially back in the blogging business.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and my tiny eyes (I’d show you a picture but it’s pretty scary looking :-)) and have a great week!

P.S The little picture above is downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia. Pretty neat huh?

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