Rainy Thursday Update…

How’s everyone doing? We’re having very gray, and gloomy rainy day here, all the schools are closed, public transportation is down and we’re all cuddled up at home with puzzles, movies and books. And lasagna. It’s basically what happens when there’s a heavy rain forecast in the south of France. I’m trying to thinkg of Halloween crafts we could do. Ideas? I’ll probably browse through Pinterest and experience serious craft envy.



The past two days have been very busy although I can’t really remember what exactly we were doing that kept us so but it was tough getting around here to write. We spent our afternoons after school in the park and Lev provided endless amusement with a toothpaste eating episode that had me in panic calling the anti-poison center to see whether I needed to take him to the emergency room. That’s right, the kid helped himself to the entire tube on Tuesday while I was making dinner. He looked completely fine and wasn’t stumped at all by the fact that his breath smelled extra minty fresh. That is until we got a fun diaper surprise a little later in the evening. I guess his stomach was really agitated, which is what the lady at the anti-poison center said will happen, but other than that he was OK. Crazy kid!


And then yesterday, knowing that we’re getting a really bad storm today, we took advantage and spent the day outside after Lara’s gym class. Lev slept through it in the car while I read in the front seat and actually managed to finish a book! It was glorious. Better than I could have wished for! It’s always a bit touch and go during Lara’s gym class because it’s right in the middle of nap time and in an area that doesn’t really have much to do around, besides Lev’s not a stroller sleeper at all. So either he naps in the car, if I’m lucky, or I struggle to keep him busy in the gym waiting area for two hours. I obviously prefer the first option. And after it was playtime in one of our favorite parks right before the clouds really couldn’t hold it back any longer and the rain everyone has been talking about finally started to come down.

Will be back later with Thursday Things… Hope you’re having a good one and staying safe!

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