Rainy Saturday


The weather is a bit blah here today. This morning it looked like we might avoid the rain but it’s certain now, we’re spending the rest of the day indoors. Lev is down for a nap and Lara is quietly drawing before getting started on her homework so I decided to do some reading too.

We managed to run a couple of errands because we have a kiddie birthday party & adult one tomorrow (yay!) so presents needed to be bought. Lara also tried a judo class for the first time and she loved it so I guess judo and gym is what’s on our activity menu for the rest of the year. She looked so cool in her kimono, I loved it!

It’s such a great sport I think and the whole thing reminded me of this girl on the Ellen show that said something that’s going to stay with me forever. So true and inspiring.

Happy weekend friends, I hope it’s sunny where you are and if not, there are always crafts and books. And movies and cartoons, I’m not judging 🙂

P.S. Rainy days are perfectly good for online shopping too. I totally cracked and crumbled under my own pressure and ordered this Becca Skin Perfector! It’s an online exclusive in France so not available in stores. It will be mine in 2-4 days and I’m so pumped!

P.S.2 It’s ventes privées at Sephora right now so if you’re not signed up yet but love make up etc. GO NOW! I got 20% off so totally worth carrying an extra fidelity card 🙂

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