Post Holiday Life Update


Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence around here. It was my hope and goal to sort of turn off during the holiday weekend and just be present. Once I wished everyone a merry Christmas on Saturday morning, I literally put my phone in the corner and didn’t check it again until Monday morning. It was glorious. Similarly, I didn’t use my camera much, except for a few family photos on Christmas Eve. I just really wanted to be there, to enjoy all the conversations, let go of the need to share and just focus on being there instead. And I succeeded. Even Vid commented on Sunday night, when my phone ultimately died from being forgotten haha, that I was being so good! I was, I was. High fiving myself over here 🙂

Anyways, our holiday weekend was filled with fun, laughter, champagne and yummy food (I will definitely need to go running once I get back to Montpellier.) The kids had an amazing time, as did we. All we missed was a little bit of snow but I think we’ll fix that this weekend.


You’re not going to believe this but we’re sick! AGAIN. More specifically Lara and Vid are sick and Lev and I are on standby hoping this one doesn’t get us. But to be completely and utterly honest… I am sick! I am so sick of this! This winter has been super tough on us health wise and it feels like we’re constantly battling something. It was the same the winter Lara was two and I distinctly remember being so frustrated. So, I know this will pass but for crying out loud I thought we’d at least make it through the holidays.

On Christmas morning, Lari woke up with a fever and basically just not feeling like herself at all. We had celebrated Christmas Eve at Vid’s parents’ house like we do every year and, as I mentioned, the evening was so much fun and full of festivities. But the morning was rough. Lara went back to bed for another two hours and even though she was feeling better by the time it we left to have Christmas Day lunch at my dad’s house, on Monday morning her cheeks turned bright red with a rash and her fever still wasn’t down. I checked her throat and immediately knew it was scarlet fever. Apparently it’s been going around here in Slovenia, and considering I had strep a little over a week ago, it wasn’t that odd.

Vid left for training again that morning and we took ourselves to the on-call pediatric unit. Four hours later scarlet fever was confirmed and we were on our way with a bunch of medication and of course, antibiotics. UGH! Lara was feeling OK but obviously needed some R&R. We drove ourselves to my dad’s house to relax there for a few days and get better. I was also happy about not having to drive anywhere for a few days but then Vid called saying he’s got strep now and I need to come pick him up! Ahhhhhhh!

So, we were up and at ’em again. Like, I said it’s been a crazy few days and we’ve been dropping down like flies here. I’m just seriously crossing my fingers Lev gets to sit this one out because that poor kid has had his share already.

Still, despite the fact that I’m just so over and done with these stupid germs, as I laid in bed on Monday night with Lari on one side and Lev on the other, finally asleep, I just felt super calm and so happy I had these two little munchkins next to me. For some reason, maybe I was tired or just so over everything that I got too emotional but I just had this overwhelming feeling of love. This is how it was meant to be. Getting sick, the tantrums, the moods, the no’s, it’s all just how it is when you have small children. You’re tired, you’re worried, you’re exhausted, at times it feels like you’re not doing anything right and that you’re a crappy job at this whole motherhood thing. But at the same time you just have this feeling, deep down, that this is how it’s supposed to be. This was meant to be. This is life. This is love.




The photos in this post are from a walk I took with my little mister in downtown Ljubljana, while Lari and daddy were resting and getting better. Isn’t it pretty? I love it.

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