Our Weekend Snapshots


This past weekend was our last weekend in Montpellier before we’re off to Slovenia for the summer holidays. We’ve been sans daddy for over a week now and while we’ve been missing him terribly, we’re taking some advantage of our “girls only” time as well. Summer has finally kicked into full gear so we made good on our beach plans over the weekend. We had tons of fun, with lots of ice cream, cuddling and an obligatory trip to the zoo Sunday afternoon. I don’t know how your kids are but Lara could probably keep house at the zoo.  She never tires of it. Like never, ever. 

weekend_15613_5 weekend_15613_1

This is the idea of Lara’s perfect day. The beach in the morning and the zoo in the afternoon. I’m so grateful to be able to make her day like this.


Above is how we dressed up for our trip to the ER. Ray Bans, a princess tiara and a pacifier. We were in an out of there in under an hour and I’m still thanking the above for it.


Summer turquoise and a few dainty silver and gold plated rings. Perfect summer accessories.

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