Our Weekend Snapshots


A little hello after a weekend full of fun activities. It’s been raining here all since Saturday morning so I’m thrilled we managed to stay outside as much as possible and not just lounge on the couch all weekend (although we did book in this Sunday afternoon for that). We went to an indoor playground on Saturday morning, then the aquarium in the afternoon and then the farm/petting zoo this morning. And we are exhausted1 It’s only 9 PM as I’m writing this but truth be told I’m ready to crash, and judging by how quickly Lara’s room quieted down she was feeling the same way. Mommy daughter weekends are the best and I’ve already got some big plans for the next one, given that the weather holds up (hello beach!).

Oh, and we also tend to take a bunch of selfies during weekends like these. Luckily you’re only graced with one instead of one hundred. It’s just how we roll.

Hope you had a lovely weekend…

weekend2 weekend1



P.S I realize it’s been a little quiet over here last week but we had a little family visit and a few birthday festivities so I’ve been struggling to get around the computer as much. But I’ve got a few posts up my sleeve for this week to make up for it.

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