Our Weekend in Pictures

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was pretty spectacular despite the oh so weather. None of my plans actually went according to plan but we had a great time nonetheless, starting with a little movie date on Friday. We saw Rush, which was excellent and I don’t just mean Chris Hemsworth (even though he is excellent as well).  I actually tricked Vid into thinking we’re seeing a romantic comedy and I could just see the pain he was in as we walked into the theater. But it was totally worth it once he saw what we were really seeing. Happy as a little kid!

We then “hosted” a rainy Slovenian barbecue on Saturday, which was a ton of fun. I just love these little get together(s) of us foreigners here in Montpellier. It feels like we’re taking over hahaha!

The sun finally peeked out on Sunday and I was eager to get us all out of the house to take advantage of it. We (hopelessly) tried to put Lara down for a nap before doing so but I’m sad to report that I think naptime is over in our house. At least for Lara. Vid’s naptime is still going strong, just in case anyone was concerned.

Once it became clear the sleeping portion of our day wasn’t happening in any way,we “decopatched” a few mini cardboard boxes so Lara could have a place to store all her hair pins. She looooved it, especially putting on the glue. I swear that kid would glue our apartment shut if I gave her free reign of it. We used this Décopatch starter kit, which is just perfect for us craft beginners.

Once we were finished with those and we put them out to dry we finally made our way out to the petting zoo followed by a game of mini golf. I was the scorekeeper/coach while the little one and the big one played. Then Lara took over the score keeping with inversed number 1’s (I swear no matter how hard I try to help her turn those babies around it just isn’t working. The same with the letter L. We’re totally rolling with it now and I think soon, we’re all going to start writing this way), while Vid and I embarked on an extremely competitive game of mini golf. The promise of rain made us end the game early so there was no (obvious) winner, although if you asked him, he was obviously the winner.

So basically none of my plans went according to plan aside from our crafts activities. There was no cooking happening this weekend unless you count boiling pasta for the pasta salad and ordering pizza cooking. In which case I did just fine. But to be perfectly honest, these kind of spontaneous weekends are kind of my favorite.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam

Yeah, they’re definitely my favorite.

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