Our Weekend + A Few Tunes

lara in masa-4

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty calm, the weather wasn’t so friendly on Saturday but we made up for it with a little beach outing yesterday. Quality family time, the beach, some reading, some movie watching…  Some studied (Vid) while others ate junk food (me), and others played incessantly (Lara). Basically, it was just the weekend we needed. 

Below the pictures, you’ll also find a little playlist of tunes, since we missed music Friday last week. The selection is pretty random, but it’s what we’ve been listening to nonetheless. I’ve had to put One Day/Reckoning Song in there again because it’s Lara’s new favorite. Not sure how much of it has to do with the actual music and how much with the fact that she can say “One day baby…” but OK, we”ll let it slide.

lara in masa-9

lara in masa-11

lara in masa-7

lara in masa-10

lara in masa-8

lara in masa-2

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  • Jože

    Odlični posnetki, lepa družinica…atek je pa za aparatom, lp.

  • teresamisu

    Jojjj kok kjut in super nice! Lari bom ukradla Ray Banke haha ;)*****

  • StyleLemon

    Hihihi hvala vsem 🙂