Our Weeked In iPhone Pictures


Happy Monday y’all! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty active and interesting, and also a little on the wild side. But not the “we went out on the town and had mojitos and tequila shots and danced all night” kind of wild. More of a three year old gone wild type of thing.

Anyways, the bf has been gone since Thursday, so we started off Friday with a little beach outing in the morning, which was tons of fun. I’m slowly learning to appreciate the endless stream of beach sand that’s constantly present in my car. In the afternoon we took the bike downtown for some frozen yogurt (the place ended being closed in the end) and some exploration of downtown boutiques. We found this really cool little shop (Le Petit Souk) where both Lara and I wanted to buy up pretty much everything. I know, I know, I’ve created a little monster!

Saturday continued with a park/playground outing in the morning and a trip to the local petting zoo and the botanic store in the afternoon. Busy bees right? Thankfully Sunday was a bit calmer, with a trip to an indoor playground in the morning (it was so freaking hot!) and a Netflix cartoon marathon in the afternoon because, frankly, I just ran out of ideas of what to do and we were excitedly waiting for daddy to get home.

I’m constantly trying to think of things and activities to do during the weekend, much to the dismay of my better half, because apparently I can’t just relax and stay at home. That’s not entirely true, I’d love to stay home and relax for the day but a certain feisty three year old isn’t on the same page with the relaxing stuff. Which I think is great, she’s so active and such a little explorer and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, this weekend… oh heavens this weekend! The tantrums! I still have no clue what got into her but that girl was on fire. Maybe I’m not used to it because it doesn’t happen that often so when it does it’s full on and I’m just stupefied?

Yup, that’s probably it.

Also kudos to all the parents that have “gracefully” treated me to several curious stares at the playground. I realize your super behaved kids never scream like savages when they don’t like something. Oh, wait they do.

OK, Monday, this momma is ready for you, let’s do this.


OK, let’s go to the beach. But first, we must pose!


My little pink hood, cold after her swim!


Playground fun. Before we were bitten by the tantrum bug…


Le Petit Souk. We could probably live in this store and then some.


Our beloved mushroom lamps!

Our beloved mushroom lamps!

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