On Blogging & Boats

First of a symbolic picture of me on a boat, navigating the waters into any direction I damn well please. Bear with me, you’ll get it…

I’ve begun writing this post so many times this year but never seemed to be able to finish it or post it. Mostly because I have so many thoughts on it and not necessarily all cohesive haha.

The thing is, blogging has naturally evolved soooo much over the past few years. With the rise of Instagram and social media it became pretty much a way of life and a job for so many. I love the opportunities it has opened up and how it enables and encourages creativity. I also feel like it kind of lost its essence throughout it all.

With Instagram and monetization becoming such a big part of it, it became something different than the blogging I first fell in love with. When it first started it was an online home for so many. It was where you were able to share things you were passionate about, a place to let your creative “juices” flow let’s say, and a place to be genuine about all of those. Whatever those passions were.

But lately I see less and less of that genuine sharing and more and more commercial aspects of it and I basically got a a little tired of it over the course of this past year.

My Instagram feed felt pretty much the same even though there were different people in it. Photos are all gorgeous but none of them felt real to me anymore. Or at least there was no balance between reality and stage.

Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at pretty pictures just as much as the next person and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Pinterest but that balance of pretty and real truly felt awfully off and on top of it all, everything seemed to merge into one and the same.

And the blogging part, the content part, the sharing part. I couldn’t find that anymore through the pretty facade.

So eventually, I found myself skipping through all those pretty pictures and finding other sources of inspiration. I started looking at travel profiles and travel photos and those inspired me to look beyond the prettiness of things into the prettiness of our surroundings.

And that was pretty cool. I still read blogs and I have a couple that I love to follow that seemed to understand and struggle things as I was. That life is both pretty and messy and that the meaning of blogging was sharing your passions whether they looked nice or less nice one day or another.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand it is a job for people and I think that is amazing. And that that part comes with pressures and constant evolution. But I also think that it became a job because of the way the blogs started. And they always started in a genuine way with good content people loved to read. And I think those same readers still want that.

And I’ll admit I too got stuck in that cycle of comparison for a while, of trying to mold my blog and my Instagram feed into something that was pretty enough. Whatever that meant! And I never seemed to be able to do it and quite honestly I didn’t enjoy the pressure of it. And that’s probably why it didn’t work. Because it wasn’t me. It didn’t feel genuine.

But over this past year, even though I had some FOMO initially watching other people continue to blog, eventually, after stepping away from it and finding joy in other things, I was somehow able to return back to basics. Back to the place, where I am feeling comfortable and not pressured into making things look a certain way. And to blog or not blog in any way I feel like.

You gotta do you boo and let that shine through. That’s my motto these days and I’m honestly really damn proud of myself to be in this place.

What are your thoughts on it?

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