Oh September…


September, I welcome you with open arms! Every year, the end of summer is a little sad. The long summer vacation is over, it’s time to head back to school (Lara) and the return to the routine of our daily lives is imminent. It’s a bit of a bummer. But this year, summer was pretty darn long for us, we were a little all over the place, doing everything and nothing at the same time. Towards the end all of us were scraping ideas as to what to do, we’ve been to every single playground in Ljubljana and so, by last Monday, we were all VERY eager to just get back to Montpellier and get this show on the road.

As we drove back Lara practically clapped with excitement. She missed the first day of school as her “responsible” parents chose that as the perfect day to drive back, so on Friday morning she was up at 6 AM and ready to go. That’s what two months of being away from your friends will do when you’re 6 years old. She started second grade and usually that would have me in tears, wallowing over how quick my baby has grown and how ruthless time is. Well, this year I didn’t cry, nor did I wallow. First because Lara practically ran into the school, leaving me behind with literally zero time to process what was happening. And second, we spent EVERY single hour of every day together for the past two and a half months (with the exception of my trip to Rio) and so I was like “vive l’école” !


Lev was another story altogether. That kid is just one big pile of cuddle and mama’s boy so the first day back at daycare for him was a little less blissful. He looked at me with his puppy dog blue eyes as if to ask: “Are you seriously leaving me here?”… Ahhhh my poor heart. He got used to it like 5 minutes in apparently, but those 5 minutes were torture.

Also, any tips on how to get them back on the right sleeping schedule + get them to sleep in their own beds? We co-slept for the whole summer since Vid wasn’t around much and we were sort of short a bed and now they’re pretty much convinced this arrangement was for life. Excellent parenting on my behalf yet again.

An as for us – the adults -, we finally got the house back in shape. We left in such a hurry back in June that when we got home late Thursday night and saw the mess we left, I swore to myself and Vid that WE ARE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! We took the whole day Friday to just get it all sorted and while we still have some stuff to do and get ready for the new school year and the start of a new season at least we can see our living room floor again. Hooray for that!

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