My Week in 5 + Our Weekend

True April week I tell ya, one moment it’s sunny, the other it’s raining again. Not to mention I just don’t know how to dress Lara or myself in the morning. I don’t want her to get sick but at the same time I don’t want her sweating with the afternoon heat wave. Ahhh every April is the same 🙂 Hopefully the weather will be a little less moody this weekend because we’re planning a trip to Aix en Provence. Can you believe I’ve lived an hour and a half away from it for two years and haven’t been yet? The BF is having his knee surgery next week so these are pretty much the last few days for us to take advantage of for family trips like this. Afterwards it’s nurse Masha for a month or so 🙂

Oh, and of course this week’s favorites:

  • These ridiculously funny Tumblrs. Texts from Hillary and #whatshouldwecallme are so hysterical, they brighten up the mood instantly if you’re feeling a bit rundown. By the way the Texts from Hillary isn’t posting anymore because it got a submission from Madam Secretary herself. How’s that for a successful blog? When Gwyneth Paltrow decides to guest post on Style Lemon we’ll probably call it quits as well. Just kidding 🙂
  • My sweet, sweet girl who makes me coffee every morning with her super cute new tea set (pictured above).
  • These shoes. It seems that ever since these have popped up on the radar last week, it’s all we’ve been talking about when it comes to shoes. That & these!
  • Dreaming of vacationing here. Whaaat? I said I was dreaming…
  • Same Changes by the Weepies. What can I say, I just love it…

Enjoy the spring weekend lovelies…

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