My Week in 5 + Our Weekend

I’ll be quick this time. The weekend already started and so far we haven’t done anything but laze around the house and some shopping (for the BF!). I’ve decided to have a little Easter brunch thing going on Monday so grocery lists must be prepared and eggs need to be painted and hidden but first and foremost they must be bought. So, very busy, busy, but I do have to admit I enjoyed our little shopping interlude for my other half because it gave me some ideas for a few posts dedicated to all the boys in our lives. But we’ll talk more about that next week; now here are a few things I’m loving from this one…

Oh, and I almost forgot, some of the beach restaurants where we live are opening again for the season this weekend and I’m hoping we’ll be able to have Sunday brunch there. Lunch and/or dinner with your feet in the sand…Ahhh, can you imagine anything more relaxing? Well, if you’re like me you’ll probably be running after your toddler 30 seconds after you sit down but in theory it’s great 🙂

  • Easter brunch. I’m fairly excited about this little cookfest and I’ve been scouting ideas online like a mad woman for the past 48 hours. So far I just fell in love with this Diane Keaton Easter lunch inspiration I came across at Remodelista. Loving the Easter garden idea.
  • These prints from Tad Carpenter. So adorable and so affordable. I ordered this one.
  • The April weather has been showing its true rainy form and I really need to get a pair of these or these
  • I started using this Bioderma Crealine H2O on my face and it’s awesome! My face feels super clean without being too dry or flaky and there’s no rinsing.
  • “Friends” reruns. We’ve been watching them all week and it just keeps reminding me what a truly great show that was.

Have a great weekend friends…

(Images: Style Me Pretty

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