My Week in 5 + Our Weekend

A really good week is behind us. The little one is doing better and went back to day care to hang out with her little buddies. I went back to work (yay!) and the BF’s knee is doing much better. In fact he has been so disciplined about icing it, doing exercises etc. that his physical therapists were really impressed with his progress and naturally that made me happy as well. He will still need to get surgery of course but just seeing how determined he is makes me know he’s going to be back in no time. + We’re celebrating our 3 or so year anniversary today. Boy, times goes fast…

On the other hand I’ve just been thinking it’s kind of weird for me to say, this week has been really good and we’re really happy right now because I have this fear of jinxing it. Do any of you ever get that? Isn’t that weird, to be cautious to say I’m good, we’re doing well, we’re happy? I’m really working on changing that mentality. It’s OK to say you’re happy, be positive!

Our weekend plans start today, with mommy (that’s me!) going out with her girlfriends, they continue with a planned family beach outing on Saturday and a cake party for Lara’s second birthday on Sunday. We’re actually planning a bigger duo celebration with one of her friends (whose birthday is tomorrow) for mid April so Sunday will be more low key.

And last but not least, here are this week’s five:

  • Need to figure out how to put Lara’s play kitchen together without her actually seeing it. We finally decided on getting her this Vintage Prairie one from KidKraft for her b-day.
  • Nicki Minaj’s Starships make me want to dance and because it’s ladies night tonight I’ve been prepping for it and playing this song all week.
  • Taking pictures with our new Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera. We’ve been talking about getting this camera for a while now and we finally got it this week. Needless to say it’s been in my face 24/7. I’m probably going to be forced to show you some pictures. Sorry guys…
  • My Milk&Beer Noam pants. When I got these, I didn’t know how awesome they would be but I want to wear them every day! They’re so cool…
  • I’ve really been into photographs and visual blogs lately. Here are my three current favorites: Lyla&Blu, Concept Blanc and All Things Stylish.

(Images: The Pure Aesthetic)

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  • Marie.

    This is THE song to party
    and Happy-BD to your little girl !