My week in 5 + Our Weekend

Another week has gone by my loves. Unfortunately, our little family has had a bit (a big bit) of a rough week, health wise. The BF got badly injured at last Sunday’s match and will not be able to play for at least 6 months, while Lara’ blood tests showed a very low blood platelet count, which indicates an immune system deficiency. It’s nothing she won’t recover from but we need to be extra careful and monitor her condition for the next couple of months to see how it goes. We also need to be extra careful she doesn’t hurt herself too badly. So no crazy playground roller coasters and bike rides for a little while. I’m doing lots of research on it at the moment but our doctor also assured me that it’s quite a frequent disease with toddlers that usually lasts from 3 month up to a year. It needs to be monitored carefully and is unpredictable in the sense that they aren’t able to tell us whether her blood platelets will remain the same, rise or drop further during the next couple of months. At the level she is now, there’s in no need for actual medical treatment just surveillance and weekly blood tests. Hopefully, it’s just a little bump in the road and we’ll be back on that playground slide and parquet floors in no time. At the moment though, I’m just trying to do the best for both of my patients, they’re tough cookies though and the little one, just like her daddy, is one very positive person:-)

So, naturally our week has been pretty mellow, the little one and I had lots of calm play dates and walks around town, which we took advantage off and scouted cute little boutiques, and we’re planning on doing more of exactly that during this weekend.+ a little morning trip to the beach on Sunday (hat and SPF 50 included of course!).

  • Hats, hats & hats again. I’m on a serious hat hunt for Lara, myself and the BF. Thinking of getting a big floppy one like this Cheap Monday version for me. Thoughts?
  • Our new computer! I’ve been waiting for this iMac baby for months and now it’s finally here and I love it! Writing this on it actually 🙂
  • This song from Angus & Julia Stone. Anyone else obsessed with them?
  • If I grew my own herbs, I’d grow them in this awesome pot.
  • Planning a concert outing with my ladies next week. David Guetta anyone? Feels like forever since I last had a ladies night.

P.S. How cool is this spot for a tattoo? I think the BF and I are finally going to go and get those tattoos we’ve been planning on getting for a little over a year now. Might be a bit corny but I love that we’re going to do it together (no matching ones, don’t worry, we’re just going together)…

P.S. 2 Don’t forget to enter the L.O.V. Project giveaway (if you haven’t already), it ends at midnight on Sunday!

(Images: Marcio Simnch tumblr)

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  • Marie.

    I do not get tired like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTbObag1r0I

    You have no idea for a tattoo 🙂 ? I would like to make one small dove on the side of the hips and a star or a feather in the neck! But I hesitate, I’m afraid to get bored.