My Week In 5

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It’s definitely been a while since I’ve done one of these, let’s see if I still remember. So, this week was one of those weeks that pushes you to get back into a routine of things after a long and fun summer of fun and no routine AT ALL. We’ve been lenient with bedtimes, mornings were slow, no school like activities.. I mean nada but straight up fun & games. Well, school starts in ten days and we needed up jump start miss Lara into gear because she’s going to be an official FIRST GRADER (more on the emotional repercussions this has had on my poor little heart in another post).

Anyhow, we’ve signed her up for art class this week and the next, which means bedtimes and getting up in the morning as we would have for school. Well, let’s just say it has been interesting. Then Vid left on earlier this week for his first away trip of the year, which has left us, the trio fantastico, flying solo until Monday. So here we are, getting used to the swing of things when it’s not summer and it’s not all beach days and ice cream outings and slow drinking our morning coffees. But we’re ready for you school, day care and regular handball season… Bring it on!

OK, this week’s five…

  • This lipstick in Please Me. I spied it on a friend last week and practically ran out to get it. The shade is amaze!
  • These breakfast muffins. There is no sugar in these (none!) and no butter or oil. I typed the three stuff I had at hand into Google and decided to just make the first and the healthiest thing I could find. They’re literally made with 7 ingredients and none of them are bad for you. I made them last night because I had three vey sad looking bananas and a rough day and it just seemed like a great idea. We’ve had them for breakfast this morning and considering that we’re currently in low numbers (one adult, two kids), we’re probably going to have them for breakfast for the next week. But they’re delicious so it’s OK.


  • Managed to get my hands on this mantra T-shirt with a little help from my friend and I’m obsessed!


  • Reading this book. It’s probably why I’m so sleep deprived but I just can’t put it down, it is that good!
  • Great article on the benefits of couples therapy.

P.S. Mister Lev totally rocked his first steps yesterday!

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