My Week in 5 + a Seriously Relaxing Weekend

Taking a break from finding pretty Christmas gifts for the guides, which I ultimately just want to buy for myself, to tell you a bit about my week. Well, to  be perfectly honest, it was horrible. My head hasn’t stopped hurting since Sunday evening nor have I taken a breath through my nose since then. Our house and my office are running out of toilet paper and tissues because I’ve used them all (to wipe my nose of course), and the need to crawl into a hole and die is still very much present. Only my head hurts even more if I lay down so it’s all pretty useless. Other than that I’ve been shopping intensely online for Xmas presents for my family. I’m assuming my bank is presently running its head through the wall wondering how many PayPal payments a day one person can make. To which the answer would be: in December, a lot! But it’s all so exciting ho ho ho. Yep, I’m sick but still as corny as they get…

So you see, it’s not all bad. I’ve also caught up on all Downton Abbey season 3 episodes during my two day stay at home, which was  awesome and just reminded me how much I adore period dramas and movies. Next up Game of Thrones this spring

And since this week and next week will still be filled with gift guides and similar Christmas inspired posts, this week’s link love is mostly fun reading material from around the web.

Happy weekend to you all, we’re planning on fighting the sniffles here so that Monday we’re back in the game!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Slowfactory giveaway if you haven’t already. It ends at midnight on Sunday 🙂

Now seriously, have a good one!

(Image via Little Girl Big City) 

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