Mommy Notes: Round Two

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time but like a lot of times over these last few months, time just gets away from me and this little text needed some extra thought. Over the course of the last year or so, my other half and I have been talking more and more about trying for another baby. We’ve always wanted to have at least two and we didn’t want them to be too far apart so the timing was more than right for us. We were so incredibly happy when the test was positive and we knew we were expanding our little family from three to four. That said my pregnancy experience so far has been entirely different from the first one. And I’m not just talking about the fact that I’m showing as if I was constantly a month ahead. Or the boobies?! I don’t remember them being like THAT the first time around.


Everything is just going by so much faster and despite the fact that the first three months were kind of worse on the nausea side than the first time around, I feel as if I’ve blinked and now I’m half way through. With a feisty and super active little girl already here and a ton of other things to do on a daily basis, I’ve been a lot less focused on whats happening inside my body. I feel guilty about that sometimes, so I try to take an hour each night after Lara goes to sleep and just focus on the baby, his kicks (yes, it’s a BOYYYYY!!!) and talking to him. We’ve already picked out a name so calling him by it makes me feel more connected to him.

I remember the first time around it was all about my pregnant self, my belly, the baby, everything all day long. I was a superhero/superwoman/queen growing a tiny human right there and then. This time around I’m a pro and I’ve done it before… There is playing to be done, cleaning, cooking, working, traveling, mothering and half-wifeing and so sometimes,before my bump was starting to show, I literally had to remind myself that I was pregnant.

And now, as the bump is getting bigger and bigger each day, it is there to happily remind me. But the funny thing is, as busier as it is this time around, I also seem to have a lot more energy. We’re talking 100% more since I was a sleeping mop the first time. Yes, I get a little run down towards the end of the day but most of the time, since I’ve hit the 3 month mark, I’ve been feeling pretty awesome and it’s kind of amazing. I’m very happy and blessed to be able to have all these experiences and to even have the chance to compare them.

I feel such a sense of gratitude at night after I put Lara to bed and see her sleeping so peacefully and then when it’s just my little bump and me; it’s almost as if this second pregnancy has put things even more into perspective. I never realized before just how much being a mom was meant to be for me.

And I couldn’t picture my life any other way, I really couldn’t. I’ll always be so thankful for my little babies and for the chance to be their mama.

Also, frozen mango. How much of it can one pregnant person consume before turning into one herself?

(image: baby bump at 18 weeks)

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