Mommy notes: Our doctor filled weekend

I wish I could tell you a few fun details about our weekend but unfortunately it consisted mostly of doctors and ER’s, which is definitely no fun.

It started of promising with the bf and I going on a little group outing for drinks with friends on Friday night but then took a turn for the worst on Saturday. Our little one got scratched at daycare last week (someone apparently forgot to give their kid a manicure) and what started off as a little harmless scratch got a slightly infected by Friday afternoon. In an effort to avoid scarring or any other unnecessary consequences I stopped by our doctor’s office who promptly prescribed an antibiotic cream for the infection and some disinfectant to clean the scratch with. No big deal so far. Or so we thought.

By Saturday afternoon it became clear that Lara was having a reaction to the cream, the redness on her cheek expanded and was getting more and more inflamed with each passing minute. We called the doctor who came by and said her infection got worse and she had an allergic reaction to the cream. Lovely. So he gave her actual antibiotics and antihistamine syrup for the allergic reaction, which got us all fairly upset because the strong meds really affect her tummy but we couldn’t risk it getting even more infected. So we thought OK, this will at least get her better.Well, wrong again. It all got worse by Sunday afternoon so we promptly took our butts to the ER where the minimum wait was 4 hours. The doctor then told us to come by again first thing in the morning on Monday to see how things were going. Which was good because by this morning the little one’s cheek got even redder (if that was possible), and it was also swollen. They gave us some new medication for the allergic reaction and told us to wait 24 hours to see if the swelling and the redness calms down a little. Fingers crossed for the best.

The only thing that made me smile through all this the fact that her energy appears to have doubled and she doesn’t seem the least bit affected or in pain. She happily galloped through all these doctors’ offices without a care in the world + she learned how to draw circles this weekend, saying they were either tomatoes or apples.

On a side note, I have to admit, we’ve been working really hard to fight our bouts with colds and fevers naturally but since Lara started going to daycare I feel like we’ve been getting sick or hurt in some way or another every other week. I know this is usual for the first year at daycare but I’m really concerned with overmedication and such. I know sometimes things just can’t be helped in that regard but do you know of any all natural remedies to prevent colds, ear infections etc. I’d love to hear your ideas…

Also how was your weekend? Hopefully, no doctors…

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  • http://twitter.com/RaphaelleLory RaphaL Lory Huérfana

    Rhooo poor choupinette: (not really a good weekend, but good point is that Lara does not feel concerned not his health worries! and she  draw  learned to circles =)
    and unfortunately I am like you I know of no way to prevent the arrival of all these microbes
    I hope it will go quickly for Lara better, gives us his news !

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  • CathyM

    Poor Miss Lara! 🙁 I don’t know what you can give to her to prevent her from getting colds and such but for the adult folk (not totally sure if kids can have these vitamins/minerals) Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc (mostly for the Zinc) tablets and then vitamin C boost the immune system-but don’t take at the exact same time take them a few hours apart. Vitamin C and Zinc can inactivate each other somehow (some chemistry nonsense…) Hope you guys stay healthy and hope Lara gets better soon!

  • Cukjati Kaja

    Za bolečine v ušesu topli obkladki na uho…za visoko vročino-mlačen tuš ali hladni obkladki na okončine. Tuš vedno pomaga, ker se otrok takoj prepoti in vročine ni več (za nekaj ur). Moraš pa bit previden pri tuširanju da ne začneš pri hladni vodi ampak da iz tople prehajaš na mlačno! In da seveda poskrbiš da se medtem ne prehladi 😉

    Oprosti za slovenščino, ni se mi dalo iskat pravih besed v angleščini…LP iz Slovenije, pa zanimiv blog imaš 🙂

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