Long Time, No See


Hi everyone! Long time, no see huh? Like, seriously a long time. So, A LOT has been going on over the last eight or so months and I will do my best to catch you up on all of it before we hop back into the swing of things.

First and foremost, the blog makeover took a lot longer that I expected and that combined with the fact that I was seriously struggling with figuring how to give this little virtual home the necessary time that it deserved, contributed to things just taking a backseat in my life. I decided to just take the time off that I felt I needed to refocus and see which way I wanted to take things. I know that eight months is a long time to take off and that many of you have probably wondered if I was ever going to blog again or have just plain moved forward. I totally get that. But like I said, it was really necessary for me to do it, to enjoy the time with my family without feeling the pressure of needing to sit behind a computer.

The fact is, two little kids running around the house isn’t one kid running around. And two isn’t three, or four or more, I’m sure. But adjusting to life with two, one of which we like to call Bam Bam (Lev), because his mind is set to one thing and one thing only and that is how to throw, boom, crash as many things as possible, while still being the sweetest little boy ever, who wants to cuddle and snuggle immediately after chaos is produced, has been a challenge for me. He finally started napping a little more, which is huuuge step up from the three to four 20-minute windows I got through the day before. And he is also sleeping through the night (mostly), which is basically ahhhmazing and allows me to be a little less zombie-like than I was during the winter and spring.

Because in those days every time I sat behind a computer to write something it all felt super rushed, I felt pressured into producing content and doing things, when my mind really wasn’t in it. Writing was filled with constant interruptions and frankly my head just wasn’t in there. I needed to re-focus and see whether this was something I still wanted to do, because I believe that if that wasn’t the case, none of you would have wanted to read what I had to say anyways. I truly believe that the content I put out there needs to be thoughtful and represent me and what this blog is all about and that just isn’t happening if I’m trying to do a hundred things at once.

Finally, the blog makeover, as you can see, has happened. We switched a few things visually, we re-categorized and we’re taking a new approach to things, with my bestie Leja on board as well obviously! We’ve kept the Fashion & Beauty categories, where you’ll still find everything fashion and beauty related (duh), the Lifestyle category now features everything related home, going green, eats, travel, books & movies. The Motherhood & Kids category is again pretty self-explanatory and the Lemon Mamas one is where you’ll be able to find all the personal posts Leja & will write. The new addition is also the Shop category where we will regularly show and update all our favorite products with links to where you can purchase them directly.

I really hope you like it! We still have a few techie glitches to fix so bear with us but all and all we’re ready to jump right back in it again.

So, here we are in the last few weeks of summer, finally typing away on this keyboard again. Boy, have I missed writing and I have missed this space and I have missed you guys. I’m excited to be back. Are you excited? Well, I am wohooo 🙂

We have a few posts lined up for the next couple of days, I hope you’ll be with us again and we’ll take it from there!

Have a great day & an amazing weekend!

P.S The photo really doesn’t have anything to do with the post but it’s one of the few that I have of us four, it’s from our holiday in Zakynthos this summer and it kind of shows how big Lev and Lara are already. And yes, a selfie stick was used, what else?

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