Life Update


Just wanted to give you a little update on our life lately. We’ve been in Slovenia for a little more three weeks now and things have been crazy busy. I’ve been finishing up a translation project, Vid is away with the national team getting ready for the Olympics, Lev had chicken pox and Lara has been spending tons of time with her grandparents and her cousin.

It’s been great but also a little hectic, especially the chicken pox part because we weren’t really allowed to go outside and spending time indoors during the summer kind of really sucks. Especially if you’re Lev and you’re feeling pretty great despite the fact that you’re all spotty. That kid just has soooo much energy, it’s insane!



But last week I finally finished up my project and we decided to go to Portorose, where we have an apartment for the weekend. My mom joined us as well and it’s been a great weekend but now it’s back to Ljubljana for a few days. Next week the kids and I are going to Croatia for a week with a few girlfriends and their kids and I’m super excited about it. Should be a fun trip and I’m happy for Lara and Lev to have some company.







The initial plan was to find a daycare for them for a few hours a week so they could spend some time with other kids but then Lev got sick so we put all that on hold and now, it just seems silly to take them there for only a few days. We’ll see!

At the beginning of August I’m going to Rio de Janeiro for a week with my mom to watch Vid and the Slovenian national team play at the Olympics. I’ve never been before so I’m so, so happy about it, but also a little nervous about leaving the kids, especially Lev, for a week. They’ll be together though and it seems that as long as Lara is there, Lev could be anywhere with anyone. Those two, oh man!

P.S I finally got my hands on an adapter for our camera so I can finally show you those Rome pictures! Wohooo!

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