Lev is 3!

I’ve been thinking about today for the past week or so. Lev’s 3rd birthday. I’ve been trying to recall the days leading up to his birth and I remember them dragging on for what feels like forever, I was so anxious to meet him! The entire pregnancy passed by in the blink of an eye, as is ofthen the case with your second child, but those last few days were were very slow with heavy irregular contractions and no action. Lev was pretty comfy sitting in there, kind of like he is right now; never wanting to leave home but then being super happy when we go somewhere hahaha.

Finally, on the eve of June 20th things started moving along and after a very long night my sweet little blond boy made his dramatic entrance into this world. It wasn’t the easiest delivery but he was big and healthy and that’s all that mattered.

Born on the first day of summer, he is literally our ray of sunshine. An endless ball of energy, forever testing his limits and keeping us on our toes. He loves his sister more than anything and will ALWAYS make sure that anytime he gets a treat, she will get one too. He loves to cuddle and when we co-sleep he will literally sleep in a permanent hug. It’s pretty much the best.

But I think my favorite part is when I tuck him in at night and lay down next to him to get him to settle down and he’ll give me a hug and move an inch from my face and quietly whisper: “You’re mine, mine.”

That’s right bubba, I am.

Thank you for being you and for bringing so much joy, happiness and energy into our lives. And for making anything and everything into a little road to drive your cars on. The world is your oyster <3

Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy, we love you so very much! 

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