My little mister Lev turned 2 yesterday. 2! I don’t know where the last two years went and how we got here but as I sat across the table from him yesterday evening when he was blowing his candles and kept demanding for us to re-light them I was pretty much ready to burst.

His smile and excitement is so contagious, I can’t even explain it, he literally is a ray of sunshine. He is also a complete fire cracker. Full of energy from morning to night, he can be quite a handful. You can’t let him out of your sight, not even for a minute, because he is bound to get himself into some sort of mischief. Knee scraps and bruises are somewhat of a constant but he’s usually not too fazed by them. He actually wears them with pride, showing them off to everybody, seriously stating: “Bobo ici et bobo ici et bobo ici…”. Lot’s of bobos!

He has a spark in his eye and a penchant for doing silly things and he does them with such giddiness and honest desire to just have fun that you can’t even get mad at him. His hugs and kisses are the absolute best and what’s even better he gives them freely and often. I love how he loves his sister and I love how protective she is of him. Lara was his first word and to this day it seems it’s his favorite one.

He also loves his cars, the more the better and he’ll hold them tight, long after he has fallen asleep at night. He also loves his buddy bunny Balthazar, which is the only plush toy he tolerates. He can’t fall asleep without it and when he climbs out of his bed in the morning holding his long ears and with his hair all over the place and sleepy eyes, I can’t believe he’s mine.

My blue eyed, spirited, sweet boy. Being your mom is the most incredible thing and we all love you so, so much. Happy 2nd birthday!

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