Last weekend of February

Hello everyone, as we are finishing up the work week and slowly preparing for the weekend, I have a few sort of announcements to make & a few plans for the graceful 48 hours off.

  • I will be moving My Week in 5 columns to Fridays/Saturdays, mainly because I’m taking Sundays off from writing. My boyfriend says I need a day off; some nonsense about getting some rest and refreshing my brain bla bla bla (he’s probably right though).
  • There will be a new regular guest columnist starting next week. It’s my lovely sister Tereza, whom I call Zucchini. She is one very fashion savvy 21 year old who is incredibly dictatorial when it comes to organic food.  She has about as many projects in the works as me, including TV work, university and harassing people about Jeffrey Campbell shoes. She has a wonderful perspective on life in general and I know you will enjoy her posts immensely. Plus her BF takes gorgeous photos so there will be some serious eye candy. I will post her intro very soon.
  • People profiles will start next week. I’m really excited about these and I hope you will be too!

And some plans for our weekend:

  • Beach, beach and the beach again. Taking the most out of the February spring weather and taking in the sun with my little peanut.
  • Packing, packing, packing. As I mentioned a while ago, we recently bought a new apartment and we’re moving next weekend. So far, I haven’t packed anything yet so I’m thinking this will be the general theme during the next week. I am doing a little pet organization project however, and am determined to keep our new apartment in top organizational shape. I’ll let you in on a few tips as I go along.
  • A little Saturday cook fest with my daughter. I’ve been seriously skimping out on cooking this week and am picking it up to do something more elaborate tomorrow.

What are you all up to this weekend?

(Images: A beach near where we live. Picture from Beachtomato.com)

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