Last Week in 5 + The Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a good weekend over here. Sure I ran a 5K yesterday without actually running in months prior to that and from which I am most likely going to be recovering this week. All week, judging by the pain in every single limb.  But it was sunny and hot out, and we also got in some quality time by the pool.

Other than that last week was pretty neat. Yes, we may have been caught in thunderstorm for the first three days of it but Lara and I made sure to finish it off nicely with a trip to a zoo where we saw an elephant take a shower and a chimp made a show at spitting water at us. I like to think it’s because he liked us and was being friendly. He was totally showing off and impressing us with his drinking out of a bucket skills.

Oh and this is what my iPhone thought:

Here are a couple of interesting links from the week (5 to be precise)…

Also, it was Father’s day yesterday and I hope everyone got a chance to celebrate their dads 🙂

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