Last Week in 5 + Some Plans For This Week

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great start of the week and a great weekend. Mine was spent watching the French Open finals and it really made me miss playing tennis. I should probably remedy that this summer. Then a very rainy Monday happened over here yesterday and truthfully it doesn’t look like summer at all! A little birdie (read: radio) told me this morning that it should get better within the week, and luckily so, because we have some very outdoorsy things planned. A picnic on Thursday and a 5K run on Sunday so it really better shape up. And yes, you read that correctly. I’m running a run on Sunday (not sure you can actually say that), which should be fun, especially since I haven’t ran in, oh well, quite some time (again read: at least three months).

By the way, I finally went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Not sure how I feel about the movie as a whole but Charlize Theron was absolutely amazing as the evil queen in my book!

Here are my 5…

  • I fell in love with these Twistband hair ties a while ago. They’re a great alternative to regular hair ties and since I’m growing my hair out and it’s in that awkward phase ponytails and buns are must. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any to ship over here but I did find a very cool (and practically identical) alternative at H&M for only 3€.
  • KeepCups. A friend of mine gave me one last Christmas and I’ve been dutifully drinking my coffee out of it since. I love it and I just saw a huge selection of colors at a store in Ljubljana the other day and, well, you know how I feel about mugs and stuff :-).
  • A gorgeous summer festival bag. I’m loving neon for accessories right now!
  • A very scary, but worth the read, article on sugar substitutes.
  • This artichoke dip from The Pioneer Woman is making me seriously hungry and excited to try it out!

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