Last week in 5 + Our Weekend

And we’re counting the days to another weekend. This last one didn’t quite go as planned because the little one got a double ear infection so we had to take it easy and mostly stayed indoors. Which is a good thing in a way, since it is seriously hot here in Montpellier and a few days to relax in slightly cooler interiors while THE OLYMPICS are on might not be so bad (just barely:-)). Plus another good thing about Montpellier is that it will be warm enough until October so I think we still have time to put in some serious beach hours 🙂

But yes, Lara managed to snag herself another ear infection, which leaves me seriously wondering what to do since it’s her fifth in this school year. She’s definitely braving it better than she has with the previous ones because, aside from the mild fever she had last Wednesday and the pain she complained of on Saturday, she’s been healing really well. Still, we’re on antibiotics again, which is something I’ve really been trying to avoid since this past winter. We’re still working on boosting up her immune system so I guess we just need to keep up the good work.  Plus I’m also hoping that this is just a phase and a consequence of her starting daycare and basically picking up every little germ possible. Hopefully, the upcoming year will be better.

Do you know of any homeopathic remedies that could help prevent ear infections or colds?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tifdesbois Tifenn Matarazzo

    Before 5yo children often have ear infection, and it exist à lot of solution, if you d’obtenir want to use to many antibiotics.. (has she often nose infection? It could maybe explain that she has  often ear infection)

    With homeopathy, you can buy (at the pharmacy) :
    Belladonna 9 CH ,  Capsicum Annuum 9 CH and Ferrum  Phosphoricum 9 CH.
    And give her 3 pulls of one the first Time, 3pills of the second an hour after, and 3pills of the third one an hour after, and do it again…

    If you speak/understand french, here’s à great website with à lot of advice to treat and take care of your familly without using to much antibiotics:


    Hope your little girl will be better soon!