Last Week in 5 + A Happy Monday

Happy Monday folks! I hope you all had a great weekend. We got a surprise visit from the bf’s parents on Friday but unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great so it was spent mostly at home. Not much to report there on my part, except the fact that I spent the weekend laying on the couch, eating good food, drinking wine and contemplating Christmas gifts (anyone else panicking on this one yet?), while Lara enjoyed some quality time with her grandparents. Three attempts at working out were made, two out of them successful and one not so much. I’m also trying out a new eye cream that’s supposed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles or as I like to call them “proof of the fact that my daughter wakes me up at 5 AM every day”. I’ll report back even though I fear the damage is done and the only thing that could help me now is the Kardashian glam squad.

And that’s that. So without further ado, here are some links I enjoyed from around the web. You know, the ones I’m supposed to post on Friday but didn’t.

Not much to say about the picture except that I really liked it and the dress. It’s from last year’s Hatch collection and it’s weekend perfect. Or perfect for the weekend. Whatever floats your boat.

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