Lari Turns 7

Soooooo, I literally CAN NOT believe my baby is 7. I say this all the time but the past 7 years passed so quickly and even though there are days when you count the minutes until bedtime (you all know those days!), time is still going by way quicker than I’m comfortable with.

I can tell that we’re now heading into a different “stage” with Lara. I don’t want to say it’s a grown up stage because she’s still my tiny little human but we’re definitely heading into that pre-teen phase with lightning speed. I often find myself looking at her and being just completely in awe of how she suddenly became this tiny lady. There’s something incredible about watching your kids grow up, seeing how their characters and personalities are shaped, and at the same time catching glimpses of yourself in there.

Vid and I will often talk about the kids when they’re asleep or we’re alone and what we talk about the most with Lara is that she’s this fiercely independent bright, smart little soul with an incredible sense of humor and a whole lot of sass. Sometimes, more sass than we can handle but at the same time I think we’re both kind of hoping she keeps it forever. She knows how to stand up for herself and I hope she never loses that confidence and conviction.

Happy 7th birthday my sweet little girl. Your are the most amazing daughter and big sister and you make us all so happy and proud every single day, we love you endlessly!

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