La rentrée + Some Emotional Rambling


Another school year began for miss Lara yesterday and while it wasn’t made into as huge as an occasion by the school as last year, we obviously did, photos and all! Vid and I spent the night before talking and reminiscing about the time when our little girl was still so very little.We watched videos of her when she just learned how to walk, her first words among which “kakadu” (cockatoo) was extremely popular, and how much she LOOOOVED sticking stickers on every single piece of furniture. Basically we just kept asking ourselves where in the world did the past four and a half years go and how is it possible that she’s already starting her last year of école maternelle!

Quite honestly, I haven’t given much thought to just how quickly time goes before we had another baby. Seeing Lev so small now and Lara so big has made me realize just how fast it all went by. When you have your first child you celebrate each milestone with such glee screaming at the top of your lungs: “Yay, good job, you’re getting so big wohoooo!” not really thinking that each time you do so, your little baby just got a little bigger and a certain period has just ended. Don’t get me wrong, it’s how it’s supposed and I couldn’t be happier to see my little ones growing up and reaching those milestones,  but since Lev arrived I can’t help but find it all a little bittersweet as well.


Every single moment is so, so precious. I’m trying so hard to soak them all in in hope that I never ever forget even the smallest details of my two tiny humans as they get bigger and grow up. I hope you never grow out of mama’s cuddles, you hear me you two?!?

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