It’s The Weekend + Some Link Love


This week seems like it passed in a blur. I blinked my eyes on Monday and boom now it’s Saturday and to say I’m a little behind on work would be putting it nicely. Survival mode was basically the mode of operation this week and I’m really hoping we’ll be able to recharge our batteries a little bit this weekend. It feels like none of plans work out as I hope lately so I’m not going to aim high this weekend (as opposed to a thousand and one plan I made for last one), just a little rest would be nice. We’ve still got Lara’s cold kicking our butts and I suspect it has something to do with all the sleepless nights we’ve been dealing with this week (and the week before that). But I mean, who needs sleep anyways, right? Oh, wait I do, I do!!! Like I said survival mode was put in high gear and as long as Monday comes around and I’m able to kick it down a notch, I’ll consider these 48 hours well spent. Oh October, I’ve been so looking forward to you, don’t make things difficult now OK?

Alright, some link love people to make up for four days of blogging radio silence…

image via kinfolk

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