It’s The Weekend

Alright people, it’s the weekend at last. This week was kind of exhausting for me. Vid left mid-week for a tournament and I haven’t been sleeping very well so I’ve kind of been struggling a little. You know, waking up and already dreaming about going back to sleep, dragging my feet getting ready and guzzling coffee like it’s the only thing keeping me alive.

Mornings were as hectic as ever but I have to tell this cute story of what Lev did yesterday.

Our morning routine is kind of crazy but I ask the kids to sort of get a head start and get dressed while I take Chandler out for a quick morning walk. Obviously Lara masters this part but Lev is still a little spotty. He basically does it when he feels like it.

So, I took Chandler out for a walk and came back to find Lev by the door with his backpack on, his snack nicely put in his lunch box and with sneakers on. Only, he was missing his pants (LOL) and we were all still wearing PJ’s and haven’t even eaten and were basically nowhere near ready. It was like 7.40 AM and he was like OK, you told me to get ready, I’m ready hahaha.

That kid, I swear. Obviously Lara found it hysterical that he was wearing no pants. But Lev took no notice. I said, aren’t you forgetting something and he said right, “I haven’t had breakfast yet?!”

And I said, “that’s right. Also, pants, kind of a big deal bud!”.

Just a funny morning story. Maybe you had to be there.

And then we were stuck behind two garbage trucks on our drive so you know, morning rush as usual.

So, I’m just happy it’s the weekend. No clue what we’re going to but I’m sure we’ll think of something, maybe some decluttering?

Have a good one!

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