It’s a Lovely Friday

Forgive me but I’m having one of my – very common – proud momma moments. This one just went to daycare without a diaper. Without a diaper people! I’m practically bursting with pride – and secret excitement that we might soon be done with the diaper aisle (for a little while at least).

As any mother will tell you, from the moment you have your baby and probably for the rest of their lives you’re constantly celebrating their milestones. From the first time they smile at you, squeeze your finger, make a noise, to when they first use the potty and suddenly count until 7 in English in the middle of the grocery store even though you haven’t even tried teaching them that yet (a big shout out to Disney Junior on this one!). Anyhow, these moments are so full of joy and exhilaration it’s hard to explain or describe them until you go through them yourself.

But I will tell you this, no matter how many sleepless nights you have to go through, or days when your toddler decides that all she’s going to do today is be naughty, or even the moment when you feel like you’re going to collapse because you’re so tired and you have no idea how you got yourself into this child filled mess; a morning like this one will come around and you’ll just be so happy and proud of her and, selfishly enough, of yourself as well because you know that even though you have your moments of doubt, you’re doing a good job as a mother. And as silly as it may sound to some, being a good mother is by far my best and most important achievement and definitely something I most proud of. That isn’t to say, there aren’t other things that fulfill  me and make happy both personally and professionally but admittedly this one takes the cake every time. Every single time.

Now cross your fingers and hope she doesn’t pee her pants at daycare :-)…

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  • Niki

    Wow, beautifully written! It’s amazing how your life’s biggest accomplishment before having a kid is belittled the second your child grabs your finger for the first time and similarly remarkable how a short smile can instantly make you forget a sleepless night. She is a cutie by the way!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Niki! And I totally agree with you. There’s an incredible perspective that comes with having children and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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