I’m Here, No Worries!

Hiiiiiii! Wondering where the heck I’ve been and why I just disappeared from the internet since last weekend? Ha, let me tell you, this was as unplanned as it gets and I actually had a bunch of fun posts in store for you this week.

That is until…a super weird sharp pain started shooting through my stomach and back on Sunday afternoon and I had to take a little trip to the hospital. Which is where I stayed for the next couple of days. It was kind of scary and worrying for a few hours there but luckily it all turned out OK and the baby was and is in great form, it was just his mom that was a bit problematic! I’ve never been so relieved.

Let me tell ya people, kidney stones and infections are no fun at all and should try to be avoided at all costs.

Anyhow, I’m now back home being taken care of and pampered like a real lady but I did have to take it easy for a few days there. Just wanted to keep you in the loop and thank you all for being patient and sticking around while I took this little impromptu “hospital vacation”.

We’ll be back in full force tomorrow and hopefully this was the first and the last hospital break I’ll take until this little mister comes out to meet us in June!


P.S. The photo above is from when I woke up in the hospital on Monday morning realizing I’m accidentally wearing a full on leopard outfit. I’m pretty sure the nurses and the doctors were like “oh man the girl in 134 loves a good cheetah print”. You never know who might see you in your PJ’s haha!

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