I Blinked…


…and 10 days went by just like that. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve secretly been giving myself high fives for handling two kids relatively well over the past three months. The month of August was particularly brutal with Vid travelling for three weeks straight with only 48-hour intervals at home, just to remind me that I didn’t make him up.

Anyways, the whole thing went a lot smoother than I anticipated and I high fived myself yet again. Butttttt, now, at the three month mark and the fact that little mister Lev has decided that night time wake ups should be elevated from 2-3 to 4-6, I’ve begun to feel a teeny tiny bit (read: very) run down. So, the past 10 days have been exhausting. I’m all sorts of fun in the morning but come nighttime, and once I finally manage to put the kiddos down to sleep, I AM DONE.

Truth be told I enjoy the hecticness (not a word?) of our lives but I also long for a little pause button every now and then, at which point I could just take a looooong nap. That said there are many things I’ve learned over the past few months about parenting two kids, myself and other stuff. And I’m assuming this is just the beginning…

  1. I thought I would be a lot more easy-going with niño numero dos. And in some ways I am. Sterilizing pacifiers after every time they fall to the ground? Please, that’s for rookies!). Crying in the car? I’d love to help out but I’m on the road with a ton of French people in their cars and we’re about a minute away from home. See, totally zen! But nighttime? Well, that has gotten craaazier. I have a little camera I stare at constantly and I’m starting to suspect Lev knows I watch him sleep because on occasion he will open his eyes and stare straight into it. Funny and totally creepy!
  2. Food is optional. Sleep is not. If it comes down to a choice and frankly over the past couple of weeks, that’s exactly what happens at 8.30PM, I always choose sleep. I never thought it would come to this but it has.
  3. As mentioned here my boobs range in three different sizes all in the course of 24 hours. The right bra is a unicorn at this point.
  4. Makeup. What’s that? I tried really hard to stick with it. OK, I didn’t really.
  5. The only thing I manage to update with regularity is Instagram and that’s only because I take 1000 pictures of my kids a day. Yes, I’ve officially become that person. Just in case there was a slither of doubt left. Yeah, probably not.
  6. I’ve mastered the 30-second shower. (I just high fived myself again)
  7. I’ve learned how to simultaneously breastfeed and wipe tushies. Don’t ask why but somehow Lara’s bathroom trip ALWAYS coincides with the exact time I’m breastfeeding. This ALWAYS happens when we’re home alone and there’s no boyfriend to help out. Oh, and she can totally do it on her own too. Except when I’m breastfeeding.
  8. I’ve learned to go to extreme lengths to muffle the sounds of the coffee machine at 6 AM in order to not wake up anyone else. We’re talking pillows, blankets, kitchen towels, the whole shebang!
  9. Netlfix is my breastfeeding best friend. I initially wanted to catch up on reading but since my hands are constantly full of child I try to give them a rest when I can.
  10. I never imagined I would be peed and pooped on as much as I have been in the last three months. How a person that small can produce such torpedo like bowel movements is beyond me.

The end. I might start blogging in lists now.

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