Hope You Have A Wonderful Weekend…

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Hi everyone, hope your weekend started off right. It’s been calm over the past week at Style Lemon, to be perfectly honest I was exhausted and inspiration wasn’t running exactly high. The tired part I think has to do with the fact that I had three intense workouts in the span of 7 days (all you athletes are rolling on the floor laughing at me right now, I know it) and it hurt just to type. I kid you not, I got up on Thursday morning (actually I rolled off the bed but OK) and cursed every single activity that requires movement. I thought about the idiot (me) who placed the coffee maker so far into the kitchen counter because it hurt to stretch my arm. I cursed the fact that the dishwasher was placed so low because it hurt do bend over to get the dishes in or out. And last but not least, I cursed the fact that despite the agony all my muscles were in, yours truly still decided heels were the best option for work. Evidently, my brain was fried as well.

Still, the feeling was secretly amazing. Not so secretly now that I wrote it on the internet but you get the point. It’s been very, very long since my body felt that way and it felt good. Really, the decision to go right along and work with a trainer was exactly what I needed and if anyone finds themselves in the same situation, I highly recommend it. While I still haven’t gotten on board with the early morning discipline of getting up and going for a run by myself (hello snooze button!) I’ve definitely committed to scheduled workouts and I think that once I get the hang of it, and hopefully get “re-addicted” to the endorphins, I’ll be able to get back on track by myself.

And as far as inspiration goes, the weather has been kind of poopy all last week and while it did pick up later in the week I think I was just content taking some time away from the computer. We had a great family day on Wednesday, spending practically the entire day outdoors, eating ice cream, going on the roller coaster, sitting on the beach watching the boats. Just perfect I tell ya. Hopefully we can do a repeat tomorrow…

What’s everyone up to this weekend?

Here are a few links I enjoyed this week…

  • Founders of WhoWhatWear Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power launched a new website called Domaine Home that features the most amazing homes, decor and other tips on how to make your home lovelier. I’m obsessed.
  • I can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby. Has anyone seen it yet? Did you like it? 
  • I’ve been having a strange craving for cinnamon rolls and this vegan recipe looks simple enough and absolutely delish.
  • Picked up this jacket from H&M’s Conscious collection and it’s absolutely wonderful. Definitely worth it, and it’s totally affordable too!
  • Head over heels over this dress.

(Photo above of Lara & me the beach)

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