Hey 2018, Let’s Do This!

First, I need to say that it took me almost 3 weeks to write this post. I kept thinking and rethinking about what to write and how to write. Last year was such a big year in so many ways, a lot of growing up, many changes and a lot more still left to do. And I needed a few re-writes to make sure everything I wanted to say made sense.

2017 was for me in a way about learning to deal with the curves life throws you and embracing the lessons from failures.

I think many of us expect that by a certain age we’d have it all figured out, we’d know exactly what we wanted from life, how to get it and what our priorities are but the truth it, life is a journey, things change and we’re constantly growing and evolving. If we’re lucky.

And so this past year, has been a real switch for me. I’ve been feeling a real, heavy change in where my priorities lie and what I’m looking forward to in life in the next couple of years. I’ve often talked about these changes before but I’ve never actually felt them so deeply or done much about them. This year I did.

I have to say the biggest, most physical part of that change was getting rid of the clutter that has been looming over my life. At times, over the past years, I have often felt as if the physical clutter in my home was transferring into my brain and there were so many moments in the past two years in particular where I had just felt so overwhelmed by it that I knew I needed to make a change.

It may seem like such a simple thing but it’s not. It’s a lot more complicated and it often depends on deeply rooted habits and feelings. It’s years and years of placing importance on things that ultimately don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and to change that means to completely re-prioritize what is important in life. And that is no simple thing.

But I committed to it at last and while it was a process that took several months, it got easier as with each declutter I felt lighter, until ultimately I could breathe again. It may sound corny but it’s really all about letting in light and air and the only way to do that is to not be bogged down by negativity and clutter. I’ve truly come to believe that.

So, this is the biggest goal of mine for 2018 and for the years ahead. I want to be more conscious of the things and people I have in my life, I want to be more present and I want to fill my life with special moments and memories, not things. I want to me more conscious of how our lifestyle affects our environment and I want to transfer as much of this on to my kids as I possibly can. The only way to show them how is by being conscious of it and doing it myself.

Vid and I have had so many conversations in the past year about what we want from life, what we want to teach our kids and how we want to improve in certain ways and do better. I am so grateful to have such a partner in life that has been so supportive through all the changes that I have gone through and that are our family has gone through and who I can have all these discussions with.

So, as I say goodbye to the year that has passed and welcome the new, I just want to express my gratitude for that. I want to count all the blessings in my life and be thankful for them.

And my wish for you and for 2018 is the same. I wish you health, joy, and I hope you all continue to learn and grow and evolve and look for all the positive things in life even when the going gets tough.

Thank you all for another year of reading along and supporting this blog, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

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