Hello December


…Nice to see you here. Now, I know I’ve said some pretty bad things about the cold and all that in the past but honestly, I’m really happy you’re here and I’m excited for the weeks ahead.

Since we’ve been nursing a pretty bad cold since last Wednesday and I ran out of ideas what to do by Friday, we decided to go on ahead and start the Christmas prep. We put up our Christmas lights, I got us a winter bouquet of flowers, we cut out some paper snowflakes for the windows AND Lara started her little advent calendar. I got inspired by this one from A Beautiful Mess this year, although ours is admittedly much less elaborate. I also got her the regular cardboard Disney princess one because it was the pinkest and the tackiest one I could find in the store and Lara was obviously going to love it because it’s really all about that right now.


I didn’t take any pictures yet because frankly we’ve been looking like sweatpants-pajama freaks for the past five days (at one point Lara even wore one of my stretched out shirts) and it really wasn’t worth documenting any of that. So I’ll just leave you with these two Instagram snapshots that I deemed decent enough for the world wide web.

I, on the other hand, took my online Christmas shopping very seriously this weekend so kudos to me on that one. The only thing difficult about getting most of the presents so early is keeping them a secret!

OK, Christmas let’s do this!

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