Hello 2013.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the longest night of the year yesterday. We had a really fun and low key night with our family, yummy food and even yummier champagne. I’m not actually that big on New Year’s and the obligatory pressure of having to do something, which means fun and low key is right up my alley. But even though i’m not a huge fan of the New Year celebrations, the 31st still remains a day of some reflection upon the year that has gone by and making some resolutions for the next.  This past year has been one big mixture of everything, incredibly amazing at times and trying at others but I’m sincerely grateful for all the experiences, which ultimately my little family and myself even stronger. I’m also incredibly excited and proud to have finally taken this leap and started my little creative web home, an endeavor that has been cooking up in my mind for quite a while before seeing the light of day. Starting Style Lemon and working on it every day has been a definite learning process in many, many ways and I hope that you’ll all stick around in 2013 as well, as we try and take it even further. As always I’m incredibly appreciative of all of you who stop by here everyday and I’d love to read your feedback on the things you like, don’t like, want to see more or less of as we go into the next year.

As for my New Year’s resolutions, I’m afraid I’m not terribly original but I felt like I just couldn’t end 2012 without making at least a few. So, during the next year I’ll try to be on time more (apologies to everyone who perpetually have to wait for me while I’m at least 5 minutes late to everything), I’ll start working out again at least twice a week (I totally got carried away with originality on this one but I’m thinking twice a week is a decently realistic goal), and last but not least I’ll  get better organized and not rush so much, something that’s actually tied in with the other two. I’m truly actively going to try to not put a million things on my plate at once and basically chase my life as I try and accomplish them. Also get better at Photoshop. So there, so much for 2012.

2013 bring it on, I’m ready for ya!

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