Have Yourselves a Goofy Friday (a.k.a My Week in 5)

TGIF, right? It is for me over here (as the severely goofy pictures above indicate). As the week nears the weekend, we’ve been finding ourselves growing more and more tired. But that’s OK because the Olympics are still on (this actually affects another household member more than it affects me but just because it’s on our TV 24/7 pretty much means we’re affected as well) and Lara’s ear infection is over & done with so we’re determined to go to the beach and stay there for pretty much the rest of the weekend. Which probably means I won’t really be rested come Monday but it’s summer after all and that’s that…

This week’s 5 (including two links on blogging):

(Top: H&M; Shorts: Zara; Bag: LV; Shoes: Isabel Marant)

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