Have A Lovely Fall Weekend


Although we don’t have much to look forward to weather wise this weekend (at least that’s what my iPhone says), I’m happy we’ll be able to squeeze in some proper family time. It’s been a busy week, the little one and the bf have both been fighting a pretty nasty cold, which doesn’t do us any particular favors when it comes to sleeping at night. I mean this transitional weather, jeez! I have no idea what to wear so I won’t be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon and the same goes when I’m dressing Lara. I’m constantly checking whether she’s sweating or if she’s cold and I think this is probably the main culprit for that nasty cough. Away with you, I say!  So hopefully the weekend will bring us some much needed zzz’s and I’m also hoping Lara and I will be able to get started on some of our crafts projects. Maybe I’ll even squeeze in another long-ish run if I regain the feeling in my legs by the time Sunday rolls around. And maybe (and this is a bit of a long shot), I’ll even get ahead and write a few posts  for next week. Who knows, miracles do happen!

So that’s some plan I’ve got there and if I manage to check at least two things of my list, I’m just going to go and call it a very successful weekend.

But first, some link looooove:

(image via glamour paris

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