Happy First Day Of September (A Fresh Start)

September is hereeeeee! Wow, this summer sure went by fast. But I guess it always feels that way when it comes to summer and the holidays. They always feel too short and go by way too fast.

School starts on Monday here so today’s is the kids’ last day of “summer” school and for me it’s just like any other day, I suppose.

But this morning felt different. It rained yesterday so it cooled off and as I went out to walk the dog the air had a true feel of autumn. It also felt like a fresh start for some reason. And I welcomed that feeling with open arms.

We had a bit of a rough evening yesterday, I came home from work to find the kids really in their “element” but not in a good way. Everything was a struggle and I felt like by the time we finished dinner, I had pretty much been getting mad since I got home and right up until bedtime.

It was incredibly frustrating because obviously it’s not how anyone wants to spend the end of the day after not seeing their littles for the whole of it. I finally managed to put them to bed, tried not to feel to guilty about how it all turned out and as I laid down to talk to Lari a little bit about her day she just said: “It’ll be better tomorrow.”

And it will be…

Goodbye to lazy summer days, hello to the new year (because let’s face it, September is really when it starts!)

Happy first of September all you super mamas and boss ladies. You’re my heroes!

image and illustration via here (soooo adorable).

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