Handling It.


A Thursday hello!

I’ve got to admit, not much new and exciting going on over here except for the part that truthfully, my days are excitement enough for me. I feel like a broken record saying this but it’s really true…I am exhausted!

I think I’m now running on my back up tank of adrenaline because somehow I’m still going through the day quite normally, handling the day to day crises of two kids and a puppy, which include the almost 7 year old behaving like she’s entering early adolescence, the 2 1/2 year old drawing on walls and generally not comprehending the word “NO” although he is perfectly capable of saying it himself, and the puppy is, well a puppy! Who’s apparently got fleas. So that’s that. Oh, and I’m trying to somehow make my business work at the same time. I’ll let you know how that goes…

I know, I know I have brought this on myself and I know that it will get easier. I think that, the puppy’s cute face, the fact that the kids will probably turn out OK, and that extra tank of adrenaline is what’s making me see the light at the end of this tunnel. But it’s a challenge.

By the time I manage to get the kids to bed at night, any plans I may have made during the day of I don’t know, reading, watching a show or you know, eating, go right out the window. The only think preventing me from falling asleep and drooling on the couch from 11PM to 7 AM straight is the puppy alarm, which I’ve set to take out Chandler. Although, I have to admit that I gloriously slept through that one this night and got in (hold on, let me check my Withings) a full 4 hours and 56 minutes of sleep and I only woke up TWICE. Yayyy!

I’ll be honest with you and you may not agree with me on this but that’s just how I feel so…

When I had one kid and worked full time, I felt overwhelmed. Every morning was a rush and I was consistently 5 minutes late to everything. Top that off with a healthy dose of mom guilt because I wasn’t at home with my kid and you’ve got the perfect combo of emotions that probably millions of other working moms deal with on a daily basis. Ladies, don’t. Just don’t! You’re doing an amazing job. Your kids is loved and he or she will be great.

Then we had our second kid and I felt overwhelmed and was consistently 5 minutes late to everything and I kept asking myself how in the world could I have ever felt overwhelmed with just one kid. Having just Lara seems like a walk in the park to me now. I’m going to venture out and say that anyone that has more than one kid feels this way. But I’m still handling it. Sometimes we’re getting by like a breeze, usually when Vid is at home and we can share some of the craziness. And sometimes it’s hard and it feels like we’re hanging on by a mere thread.

And now we have a puppy. Which granted is not like a third baby or anything because I’ve had babies and I can make that distinction. No, a puppy is easier. Not easy, but easier. But it’s still a ton of work. So, now that I have two kids and a puppy and I feel overwhelmed and I manage to actually be on time somewhere, I’ve been wondering how in the world did I ever feel overwhelmed before? I’m assuming that anyone with more than two kids feels this way? Yes? No? Or is it like, once you have two, you can have five? I’ve heard people say that it’s more drastic going from one to two than from two to three but surely that can’t be right?

But anyways, my point is this. We’re always going to feel a little overwhelmed because we (women) have a tendency to take on a million things. But we’re women and we handle it. One baby, you’re overwhelmed but you handle it. Then you get another and the shizzz hits the fan but you handle it. Then you maybe get another baby (or a dog or a promotion or a whatever else) and and you’re going crazy but you’re handling it. Because you’re awesome. And you just do it, and somehow it works and you’re not always perfect and you make mistakes but that’s OK. Because ladies, moms, you’re all freaking heroes. HEROES you hear me.

I think 1 out of my 2 kids are mad at me right now. Possibly both of them but I can’t be sure because Lev forgives pretty easily. But I’m honestly OK with it and today in the car, as I was doing my mom taxi thing, I actually had an epiphany.  For the first time, possibly ever in my life, I literally congratulated myself and told myself I was pretty cool. It may seem self indulgent or whatever to some but honestly, I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’m doing it and I think that earns me, and any of you other ladies doing the same thing every day, a God damned medal!

So, this is me giving you all a medal! Here!

OK, I’m off now to fill up my tank with some caffeine 🙂

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